The Absolute WORST Makeup Setting Spray in this World!!!!!!!!

7:36 AM

Oh my goodness.. guys.... I usually don't do bad reviews but this was so so so bad that I had to post it out there to not get this!!!!
So first off, for those of you who don't know, a makeup setting spray is a spray you spritz on your face after your makeup is finished and it is supposed to make your makeup stay put all day. I have issues with my foundation breaking up during the day so a makeup setting spray is a must for me. I was on Pinterest one day and I saw this little pin about the Ben Nye Final Seal Matte Setting Spray and that it is what the Disney Princesses at Disney World use to make their makeup stay all day in the Florida Heat. When I saw that I was yes please.. give the me the biggest bottle you have.
So it came in the mail and when I first tried to the first thing that got me was the smell and what it did to my skin. It has an overwhelming mint smell and have you guys ever had toothpaste get in your eye and felt that "burning mint" sensation. That is exactly what it felt like but on my face. Then, after about an hour the foundation on my nose starting separating!!!! The foundation separated into a lot of different little dots on my nose and it is very visible!!!! Whatever you do DO NOT buy this product. I don't care how much you love Disney and/or Princesses. You will not look like a princess you will like a Hobgoblin!


I highly Recommend the Kat Von D Lock 'N Load Makeup Setting Spray instead. First off, Kat Von D's Makeup is freaking amazing if you like something full coverage and something that last all day. She's a Tattoo Artist originally so she knows how to make something long lasting. Her products are phenomenal and her Makeup Setting Spray sets my foundation so beautifully and it lasts all day.

Kat Von D Lock 'N Load Makeup Setting Spray

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  1. Hobgoblin lol. I never tried Kat Von D setting i usually buy urban decay!! Great Blog.

    Emmi -


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