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Hi Everyone!!!!
My name is Shelby Pate and I have a love for all things beauty. Just so you know a little about me...
I live in Montgomery,AL and I currently work in the Human Resources Field. My beauty obsession started my freshman year of college when my sister and I discovered Youtube Beauty Gurus. Youtube has seriously changed the makeup game and it has made it incredible easy to learn all about beauty. I started watching Jacyln Hill on Youtube and Oh my gosh if you havent been to her channel you need to go !!!!! She taught me all the basics from learning how to apply eyeshadow to learning how to contour and highlight. She is seriously bomb!  I created this blog to share my love of beauty products and to give little tips and tricks I've learned over the years to those who are interested. I will also offer step by step tutorials on how to do certain makeup looks. I also want to hear your feedback if there is a certain product you want to see reviewed let me know by commenting!!! I love hearing feedback!!

Jaclyn Hill Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Jaclynhill1

***Never forget to Sparkle!!! ****

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