**Review of Origins Task Master (Active Charcoal, Petexturizing, Overnight) 3-pc Set

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Hello Sparklers!!!

I just recently bought the Origins Task Master 3 pc set on Amazon a few weeks ago with my Christmas money and I decided to do a little mini review over it.
I'll also link below on where I bought it just in case you want to try it for yourself.

Okay, So my skin has been going through hell lately with the un predictable Alabama weather. My skin is super dry and breakouts keep popping up every few days (Yuck) and my regular skin care routine was just not cutting it. I realized I needed some serious treatment and so I thought a mask would certainly go where my regular face wash couldn't. But what mask? I was having breakouts and dry patches all over. If I got a mask that specifically catered to my breakouts then what little moisture I had on my face would be sucked up when the mask came off and my breakout would leave but then I'd look like a horrible, nasty, sand demon and that's just not cute. I could get a hydrating mask but that wouldn't stop the breakouts it would just hydrate my face so I wouldn't be dry anymore but my acne would be as red and as bad as ever. So what to do?
My husband and I share an Amazon Prime Account which I use to purchase a lot of my skin care items. They have a huge category on "Luxury Brand" items and Amazon Prime gives me two day free shipping ( anyone who knows me knows I do not like to wait! The faster the better!). I also love to use Amazon for skin care products because so many people not only buy off Amazon, but they also review on it as well. So I can read thousands and thousands of reviews on there which comes in handy. I was looking in the category and I came across the Origins Task Master 3-pc set it comes with an Active Charcoal Mask, a Texturizing Mask, and an Overnight Hydrating Mask. I bought it and received it two days later I've been using it for about a week and a half and I wish I could do the "praise Jesus hallelujah hands emoji" on here because that is exactly how I feel! Honestly, I haven't felt the need to use the Petexturizing mask so I haven't reviewed it in here.
First, lets start off with my favorite of the bunch the Active Charcoal Mask. **Disclaimer** this stuff is INTENSE!! It is seriously like a magnet for any dirt, oil, or any type of gunk that clogs your pores. When I saw its like a magnet im not exaggerating! When you put it on within a minute you will feel it tightening on your face and I swear you can feel the impurities being soaked up. Now this stuff can be drying so I only leave it on for about 5 minutes but I noticed an immediate difference in my complexion and my face just felt really deep cleaned!!! Next, you have the Overnight Mask. This is a dry skin girls wet dream!!!!!! I use this after I use the Active Charcoal Mask and first off let me just tell you about the smell. Oh my goodness!!! It smells like fresh kiwi!! This is the only masks ive liked that has such an amazing scent. The hydration is also insane!!!My goodness! I put this on at night and in the morning my skin feels like a baby. Dry patches are gone in a night.
I will link where you can buy this kit down below! Please note that these are trial sizes which I love because you can try them out and se which ones you love and which ones aren't so great so you aren't throwing away $25 a bottle.

Thanks for reading guys!

**Don't let anyone dull your sparkle**

Origins Task Master 3 pc Set

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